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Digital Product By Design 101

How to design excellent digital products

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Kindra Cooper

Digital Product by Design

Digital Product by Design is the concept of understanding the necessity and imperative around creating excellent digital products, but understanding process, strategy, infrastructure, and mindset must be thoughtfully designed in order to execute and support said products.

We define a Digital Product as the creation of technology—essentially understanding that digital transcends the screen, into physical products as well.

The question isn’t around the value of digital, it centers around “How.” How do we become digital, especially when  we needed to have done it yesterday?

A common question drives this 'now' factor home: What happens if Amazon enters our industry? What does this level of disruption look like for your organization and how can we best prepare to fight this? 

Organizations are less interested in the inspiration story (although the storytelling does impact cultural transformation); they are far more interested in how we replicate the pieces that led up to the end innovation.