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Contributor: Paul Greenberg

A social revolution in how we communicate has taken place in recent years. Smartphones, social web tools, and the instant availability of information in an aggregated and organized way provide real-time intelligence to customers, not just the enterprise.

Social CRM is critical to business success in today's hyper-connected environment.... Full Content »

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Sponsored by IBM and Cincom Systems, Inc.

Featuring Absa Bank with insights from Cincom Systems.

As the largest contact center in South Africa with nearly 5000 agent seats scattered across 30 physical sites, Absa Bank was challenged to present better customer experiences by operating as “... Full Content »

The insight into consumer behavior and consumer targeting has taken a refined approach in recent history. Market leaders will provide you with consumer segmentation best practices, new ways of customer engagement and teach you ideas to leverage benchmarking to improve your market position.

Join us for this panel discussion on the Voice of the... Full Content »

This one-hour complimentary webinar by TARP and Whirlpool on lowering call center operations through customer relationship management will help you:

Identify causes of customer call center contact and escalation

Select the top three opportunities to eliminate call center service contacts

Justify investments in customer education... Full Content »

Running an effective, profitable customer-support operation is like spinning a stack of plates. One plate is speed of delivery, another one is quality of support and yet another is cost of operations. Each plate is critical to the success of the organization. And a strong metrics program is what keeps all the plates in perfect balance. ... Full Content »

This one-hour webinar informs, inspires and challenges your thinking about what it takes to outperform your competitors in this tough and tumble competitive environment. Based on 2 years of research, this new book published by Harvard Business Press looks at the findings from studying service profit chain leading firms such as Wegmans Food... Full Content »

While improving your First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, many contact centers struggle to accurately measure and operationalize this important metric. The Contact Center Research team has written a report describing an algorithm-based approach to FCR that is the market-proven and affordable... Full Content »

Customer Experience, as much as everything else in organizations today, is changing.
And sure, while we could say that it’s in a constant state of change, this latest change is significant! Today, customers around the world are demanding better experiences, insisting on more channels for communication and expect more control over their... Full Content »

As demands on contact centers have increased over time, companies are looking to bring the best talent into their agent pools.  The availability of cloud computing technologies in the contact center has opened capabilities to deploy agents anywhere.  Because of this, companies are able to experiment with different deployment options... Full Content »

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Businesses have many valid reasons to leverage outsourcing as an extension of their contact center operations. The upside can be a positive impact to the bottom line, but the downside can be a risk of losing control of the total customer experience. 

One company, EarthLink, has been able to... Full Content »


Are you able to provide unique, differentiated service experience to your customers?  Do your agents run through a pre-designed assembly line-like process with customers?

Increasingly, customer service cases are getting more complex and a one-size fits all approach to case management is no longer effective.  With customers... Full Content »
414 results
of 38
Posted: Wed, 04/07/2010
Steering Social Media and Comcast Through A Customer Service Sea Change

Frank Eliason, Senior Director in National Care Operations for Comcast, is famous in his own right. Eliason has become the most recognizable social media customer service expert next to Tony Hsieh of Zappos. Eliason keynoted the 5th Annual IQPC Call Center Summit and spent some time with Call Center IQ before his session.

Social media has been Full Video »
Contributor: Blake Landau
Posted: Tue, 03/03/2009
Netflix figured out early on that convenience, selection and value were the key ingredients for a recipe for success. People aren't spending money at restaurants, nor are they spending their weekends at the mall. They are cozying up in the comfort of their own homes with popcorn and a movie. Today, as most companies are struggling to pay the Full Podcast »
Contributor: Sue Schaefer and Sue Wyman
Posted: Wed, 09/10/2008
Sue Schaefer and Sue Wyman
Every company has an employer brand. This is essentially the reputation that is perceived by customers and current/potential employees of what it’s like to work at a particular company. It is uniquely different than, but critically connected to, the customer brand. Every company has the opportunity to shape their employer brand and create a... Full Column »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: Tue, 07/06/2010
call center week

Call centers are attracting more attention from customers to company executives—and deservedly so. Without question, the call center—whether inbound or outbound—has a direct impact on a company’s brand, reputation and customer experience due to the frequency and nature of these customer touch-points. The link to a company Full Sector Report »