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Our readers are action-oriented and results-driven: they do not simply want to learn about challenges — they want to leverage innovative thinking to achieve unprecedented success. As a result, we introduced the CCW Digital Special Report series to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. Featuring insights from world-class executives and exclusive research, the reports dive deeply into pressing CX and contact center topics. New reports - each focusing on a unique topic - will be published twice monthly.

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Businesses identify personalization as the defining quality of a customer-centric brand.Special Report: Customer Experience Personalization

In order for a business to satisfy customers, grow market share, increase revenue and overtake their competitors, they must perform.Special Report: Agent Performance

Most businesses recognize the value of customer relationships. But what are the common "CRM" mistakes to avoid?Special Report: CRM

Different customers demand different things. This report explores conventional and creative strategies for finding out what they really want.Special Report: Voice of the Customer

What if you did not have to choose between “operational efficiency” and “customer centricity”? The quest for this “best of both worlds” scenario explains the surge of interest in chatbots.Special Report: Chatbots For Customer Service

If the interaction does not take place in the customer’s preferred language, what are the odds the interaction will yield an efficient, effective resolution on the first contact?Special Report: Multilingual Engagement

Market conditions are changing and so is the role of the agent within the contact center. What skills must an agent possess to thrive amid this new normal?Special Report: Future of CX Employees

How do you create the kind of journey that will yield customer loyalty? What are the factors that make customers loyal rather than merely satisfied?Special Report: Customer Loyalty

Nearly every business views the “frictionless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail?Special Report: Frictionless Experience

This special report investigates the crucial customer experience tenet that is employee engagement.Special Report: Employee Engagement

12 whitepaper results
of 2