When Outsourcing Calls – Are External Contact Centers Still Your Best Bet For Efficiency?

Posted: 06/23/2011

Though some organizations have resisted, call center outsourcing has generally relished a standing as a budget- and efficiency-friendly means of deploying a wide customer management network; insofar as objections did exist, they were rarely focused on the bottom line. But with contact centers being asked to become more revenue-conscious and emerging solutions like virtual call centers and remotely-located agents gaining ground, questions about the comparative value of outsourcing have begun to arise. Is there merit to these questions? Call center outsourcing can still offer immense advantages for those pursuing the optimal customer management strategy, and as you investigate means of satisfying the ever-clichêd but ever-important "more with less" demand, how can you best leverage these advantages? Further, as you incorporate new objectives and metrics into your customer management picture, are there previously-undiscovered benefits to outsourcing that are now of importance and worthy of consideration?