Dun & Bradstreet Leader: Humanity Remains Important In The Contact Center

As organizations establish their budgets and strategic plans for 2018, artificial intelligence is naturally taking center stage.

AI and automation solutions - including chat bots - have gained considerable attention over the past year.  In 2018, organizations will look to move on from the "experimentation" phase, and start thinking about how AI can actually optimize the customer experience journey.

Amid that deliberation, Dun & Bradstreet global service leader Brad Nichols reminds contact centers of humanity's ongoing importance.

Speaking to the CCW Digital podcast, Nichols explains that low-volume, escalated matters still require a human element.  Empathy, moreover, remains a magic contat center quality.

The discussion with Nichols also forays into the topic of confidence.  The combination of confidence and a decent suit can take one very far, notes Nichols.

Listen below: