CareerBuilder on Tech Support That is Personal, Customer-Centric and Valuable

Tech support might not be the most glamorous business function, but it is irrefutably one of the most important. Representing a source of empowerment for customers and employees who need issues quickly--and successfully--resolved, tech support can serve as a business' top driver of value and differentiation.

But because it is known traditionally as a responsive, transactional function, it rarely takes center stage when businesses focus on investment and improvement. Whereas they are consistently aiming to go above and beyon in optimizing the more strategic forms of customer engagement, they are content to rubber stamp tech support with an "if it ain't broken, do not fix it" label.

Not at CareerBuilder.

Believing that tech support plays an integral role in the customer experience, CareerBuilder naturally believes it must be subject to the same buzzworthy, customer-centric advancement that is driving investment in that realm. It must be efficient and effective. It must be omni-channel. It must be proactive. It must be tailored to the specific employees and customers are seeking support.

In this exclusive Call Center IQ podcast, CareerBuilder's Eric Newton reveals how his organization is working to create the personal, productive, customer-centric support function of the future. He will then elaborate on his viewpoint--and share more specific examples--at the Tech Support & Help Desk Summit, which takes place October 24-27 in Dallas.