Quick Look: 5 Key Findings About the Future of the Contact Center

As a preview of our upcoming Executive Report on the Future of the Contact Center, Call Center IQ is pleased to share five findings from the report.

Assessing where contact centers are, where they need to go, where they actually plan to go and what challenges will complicate that journey, this functions as a simultaneously quick--yet valuable--look at the future of the contact center.

The five findings revealed include:

  • Which contact channel is (and will remain) most popular in our omni-channel world?
  • What are the most important and least important objectives of contact center strategy?
  • How are contact centers currently performing? How aggressively will they attempt to improve that performance?
  • What are the four top challenges facing contact centers?
  • What are the top solutions for overcoming those challenges?

Download the 5 Key Findings below. When doing so, you can also confirm your registration for the report (we'll send you the full report next week!) and for our Future Contact Center Open House (the event takes place next week - it's 100% free and 100% online!)