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Speech Analytics: The Simple Definition

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In order to define Speech Analytics (sometimes called Content Analytics) accurately and generically, it is useful both to consider what it does and to look at the challenge to which it offers a solution. Speech Analytics delivers the ability to automatically search, identify, categorise and cross-reference recorded speech based upon what is actually being said, the spoken content of verbal interactions.

But why is this useful, important or even of value? How are the benefits that the technology offers realized without incurring the costs, pain and uncertainty associated with complexity?

The last few years have seen Speech Analytics slowly beginning to be adopted into the mainstream of corporate operations, predominantly in their call centre environments as the evolving technology’s ability to deliver tangible benefits has been proven. However, the perceived complexity of deploying and running a Speech Analytics solution have meant that potential adopters have taken a cautious approach, waiting as the technology continues to be developed. As with all new technologies, use by early adopters in "real world" environments leads to adaptation and improvement which in turn leads to adoption by the wider market.

There is now a new wave of Speech Analytics offerings available. These provide cost effective, flexible, integrated solutions. With complexity stripped away, deployment, operational and ownership costs are greatly reduced, benefits are more easily realized, and the risk associated with adopting a maturing technology can be almost totally mitigated. Speech Analytics is becoming a powerful adjunct to existing reporting capabilities - one that can deliver new and unparalleled insight.