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The Contact Center of 2025

Implementing AI to Provide Personalized Customer Service Experiences

Matt Wujciak


We’ve said it before but it’s continuing to become the most important KPI in the contact industry. If there’s one item in your technology stack that takes precedence over everything else, it’s the knowledge base of your customers. It’s the lifeblood powering agent-facing tools like your CRM system as well as customer interfaces like self-service, voice tech, chat, quality online review systems, and more. How customer interfaces like these interact with a CRM system using AI can be the defining factor in whether a business has a competitive advantage when it comes to the knowledge base of customers. 

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A few months ago, CCW Digital Principal Analyst Brian Cantor was invited to speak at the ZenDesk Showcase. “If you look at a typical knowledge management solution,” said Cantor, “you’re relying too much on human labor to do maintenance tasks - updating entries, identifying when things go out-of-date, figuring out how to take relevant information and patch it together.” “Patch it together.” That’s exactly what so many companies are doing when it comes to consumer analytics.

In one of our CCW Digital Market Studies, we surveyed thousands of contact center leaders. While personalization is one of the most important components in delivering quality customer service, 81 percent said they prefer fast, convenient experiences over highly personalized ones. But how do contact centers deliver faster and convenient experiences while delivering personalization? It comes down to how you manage customer and business data and knowledge. Does your platform rely too heavily on human labor like updating entries and attempting to patch together relevant information? Is creating actionable consumer analytics a challenge for you? Chances are, yes. 

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Using AI to manage customer relations can be life or death for businesses, especially when your customers are patients. No one knows more about implementing AI to deliver excellent customer experiences than James Kowalczyk, Senior Director - Patient Admission Services of Fresenius Medical Care. 

With 20 years of multi-disciplined experience spanning Contact Center Operations, eCommerce Client Management, Process Improvement and IT, Kowalczyk has had success in using AI to build and maintain CRM systems that help contact centers stay up to date with thousands of customers’ information in real time. 

Kowalczyk knows how to translate customer needs into operational strategy and help organizations navigate transformation by bringing technology and people together to create simple, efficient and personalized experiences for the customer. Because that’s what it’s about. CRM systems and navigating artificial intelligence may be complicated, but the customer experience shouldn’t be.

Join as at our complimentary online event, the Contact Center of 2025: A Roadmap , where James Kowalczyk will be one of our guest speakers, covering the importance of using innovative technology trends like AI in customer management to create faster, more convenient, personalized experiences. 

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In this session, Kowalczyk will talk about which tech trends he foresees becoming more important in the contact center, how to create differentiation using AI, how to handle contact center blunders, and more. 

The complimentary online event will be live on December 3rd and 4th, where you’ll learn the necessary industry trends to get ahead of competitors and introduce yourself to a number of contact center leaders’ and analysts’ predictions. Everyone knows the right questions to ask in customer centricity, but fewer analysts know the answers than CCW’s world-class experts and contributors.