Alberto Fernandez

CX Insights Principal Latitude Financial Services


Thursday, February 25th, 2021

1:50 PM Solving the Final Jigsaw: The Best Methods for Department Collaboration to Improve The CX Journey

Driving CX within your organisation and contact centre can only be possible when all sides of the organisation work in collaboration to make this happen.

This session will look at how contact centres must continue to work with neighbouring departments to integrate the right technology and services, driving stronger customer experience across the

wider organisation.

  • Collaborating with the digital and customer experience departments to ensure the technology integrated within the contact centre is mimicked across the wider organisation
  • Looking at technology and integration needs assessment to get the most out of your technology
  • Customer journey automation – where do we focus AI and ML?
  • Mapping each digital touchpoint within your contact centre and communicating this with the wider business