Rich Rose

Director of Customer Service Nine


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

10:50 AM Nine: To Power Experience, Empower Your Agents – Future-proof Strategies for Customer Service Excellence

As Australia’s largest locally owned media company, and having navigated the rise of digital media and online streaming, Nine is no stranger to disruption. And with 2020 showing us that change is the only constant, organisations must continue to innovate and provide consistent and excellent customer service, in order to remain relevant. 

For Nine, customer experience is deep-rooted in their contact centre which has over 50 agents servicing more than 10,000+ enquiries across phone, email, chat and web support tickets every week. So what steps have Nine taken to future proof their contact centre and deliver excellent service to their viewers and subscribers? 

Hear from Rich Rose, Director of Customer Service as he explores Nine’s top strategies for navigating the future of customer experience including:

- Your Agents Make the Magic Happen – How everything starts with your people

- Embracing the Future of Work – Creating the conditions for an empowered and productive workforce in a virtual and hybrid world

- Empowering Your Team with the Right Tools – Building a solid foundation for agents to shine

- The Ingredients to Agent Engagement – Including how Nine decreased attrition from 100% to 37% 

- Future-proofing your Contact Centre with a seamless, unified cloud platform CXone


Thursday, February 25th, 2021

9:30 AM Developing the “Liquid” Workforce that Seamlessly Marries Technology, Automation and Human Agents with CX

On a path to develop the omni agent who can do it all, this panel of expert speakers will address the way digital transformation, AI and humans can complement each other for the future, disruption-proof contact centre.

Part of this transformation incorporates the need for organisations to lift and shift their current technologies so it aligns with customer expectations, as well truly understanding the full capabilities of the services they have.

Learn how we need to stop separating people with automation, and how the future contact centre will be one that has it all!

Creating and supporting the superhero agent that can

pivot their roles in times of change

  • Using upgraded text to speech analytics to drive decreased call volumes
  • Using a more sophisticated approach to direct customers to the right channels within in-house and outsourced centres for faster call resolution
  • Giving your frontline agents a full, transparent view of how the contact centre truly works in order to marry people with technology