Sarah Clark

Managing Director Intrepid Travel


Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

10:00 AM The Key Ways Intrepid Travel Pivoted to Become THE Disruption-Proof Contact Centre of 202

Sarah Clark, Managing Director of Intrepid Travel will help you understand why the most important part in dealing with any crisis is proactivity.

By working with their agents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Intrepid Travel shifted the way their sales team operated to become a support and crisis management centre. Forced to handle sweeping volumes of travel refunds, rescheduled flights and enquiries on the whereabouts of loved ones, Sarah’s team were challenged like none other.

Learn her company’s journey and how they took true ownership of the contact centre to create an operating model that is flexible enough to withstand all levels of disruption.

  • Hiring and training a trustworthy and loyal team that will lead to higher levels of attrition
  • Reinventing the employee ecosystem to drive engagement and collaboration in remote-working environments
  • Upgrading your knowledge management capabilities to provide an open and clear communication structure
  • Pivoting from sales to support roles to drive customer loyalty and engagement