Expertly Managing the Social Customer Experience

Posted: 04/19/2011

Shifting customer service dialogue from phone lines and complaint counters to blogs, message boards and Twitter accounts has produced more than a mere landscape change—it has entirely changed the manner in which corporations manage the customer experience. As issues evolve from open-and-shut personal complaints into global discussions that can have long-standing implications on your brand even after they are technically "resolved," it is imperative to develop a protocol for the new age of customer engagement.

This session will arm you to parlay your proven customer management practices into the creation of an effective social customer experience.

  • Implement best practice strategies for identifying and archiving customer complaints posted within social networks
  • Efficiently allocate resources to customer issues that require personalized attention and those that can be addressed on a large scale
  • Execute a proactive customer service follow?up strategy that builds customer loyalty and keeps your team in tune to developing issues and complaints
  • Monitor fallout from unresolved customer service issues in order to proactively mitigate negative branding across the social spectrum
  • Assure properly resolved issues and customer service success stories are channeled through social media to preempt potential complaints and spur customer confidence prior to purchase