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Do Not Fear the Social Customer Experience...Unless

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For all the talk about the rise of social media as a marketing and customer service tool, one can only imagine how much more significant the explosion would have been had C-level and stakeholder fear not created such an obstruction.

As social media standout Nick Kossovan explained at the 7thAnnual Call Centre Week Canada, fear is preventing so many organizations from seizing the opportunities created by social.

These organizations, Kossovan notes in this exclusive Customer Management IQ podcast, suffer from "fear of airing out [their] dirty laundry in public. [Remember,] When I say public, we’re talking globally now."

But when organizations dwell on that negative, they miss out on the enormous positive associated with a public customer interaction forum.

"There’s an upside. If you’re delivering customer service that results in solutions, that is proactive, that you’re on top of it and you really care, the negative can quickly become a positive because you’re publicly showing the world how seriously you take your customer service."

Naturally, however, that means there is a downside—if the customer experience you are putting forth is negative, the world will learn of your shortcomings. Fear in that case is justified, but it should serve as a driver in improving customer service gaps rather than an inhibitor to social care.

Check out this exclusive podcast for more insights from Nick Kossovan. And if you’re looking to optimize your social customer experience, attend our brand new Customer Experience in Social Media conference; details below: