Next Generation Social Support: Making Social the Way You Do Business

Posted: 03/21/2012

Companies like Autodesk are driving millions in ROI annually from social support because it delivers better service at a better value. Next generation Social Support is about dialing it up a notch—maximizing that value by making it a fundamental part of the support ecosystem, fully integrated with the systems and processes that make your company run. What strategies and tactics will help you catch up with the current state of the art in social support? What will help you leap ahead? Join Lithium Chief Community Officer Joe Cothrel in an overview of the four kinds of integration most critical to social support success and the business outcomes they deliver:

  1. Infusing your website with ways for social customers to interact with each other
  2. Bringing social customer data deeper into the business with system integrations
  3. The cultural changes necessary to organize the business around the social customer
  4. Internal processes and practices needed to maximize the value of social customer data to the business.