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AI, Customer Trust, KM, Agent Empowerment & More: 10 Highlights From "State Of Contact Center Technology" Online Event

Brian Cantor

CCW Online - Technology Online Event

Are you looking to elevate your contact center operation while creating more efficient and memorable connections with customers?

Many of those with an affirmative answer attended CCW Online: The State of Contact Center Technology last week. The complimentary, two-day online event featured a variety of industry analysts, customer experience executives and technology leaders detailing the biggest challenges and opportunities in the world of technology. From guidance on how to resolve lingering problems to tips for sourcing the hottest new solutions, they provided an actionable roadmap for success.

If you want to improve your contact center but missed the event, do not worry! You can still register for the event and access all sessions on demand. Here are some of the highlights:

Marinela Kutic of Infobip discussed the five standards for the next-generation contact center: an empowering environment, next-generation contact center agents, a higher-standard for phone conversations, stronger digital engagement and intelligent use of automation.

In order for digital transformation to complement a brand’s value, an organization needs to take non-traditional, calculated risks in an attempt to better serve the consumer. In this online event session, Jeff Lienhart of Adidas Golf revealed why DT fails or succeeds in some of today’s largest enterprises

Handle times, response rates, and delivery speed. These are all competencies that Colin Crowley of Freshly has built from the ground up, rivaling Amazon and Zappos. He discussed the best practices in increasing speed of service and enhancing the customer experience.

In the hotly anticipated executive roundtable, Guido Appenzeller of Yubico, Brad Snedeker of Calabrio, and Lance Hood of Neustar discussed “untapped” opportunities for contact center technology. In addition to spotlighting tools that can reduce customer effort, improve security, strengthen agent engagement and build trust, they revealed the role people and organizational strategy play in bringing technology to life.

With help from technology partner Fabrice Della Mea of RingCentral, Darryl Hoover revealed how DirectTravel embarked on a successful omnichannel journey. Their contact center experience became markedly better, and their customers became undeniably happier.

Randy Carter of Genesys spoke candidly about the future of cloud technology and omnichannel engagement, offering ways to think about these movements in a more customer-centric, productive light.

As so many contact centers consider how to unify their experiences, scale their operation and incorporate artificial intelligence, Steve Bell of Talkdesk answered the call. He provided an actionable framework for approaching some of the most noteworthy contact center trends.

Derek Roberti of Cognigy offered a vivid look at the power of conversational AI. Rather than speaking about the theoretical benefits, he unveiled some real-life use cases that can transform the way you empower agents and engage with customers.

Aware that the best technology investments have a purpose, Nicole Lawler of LogMeIn shared five tactics for leveraging technology (and strategic trends) to improve customer engagement. Rather than marveling over your new contact center purchases, you’ll drive your customers to marvel over the way you’re supporting them.

Brian Cantor of CCW Digital shared exclusive research on the biggest contact center technology challenges and ambitions. He also provided guidance for navigating issues like knowledge management, AI, digital transformation and securing C-suite buy-in.