Call Center IQ 2015 Event Portfolio

According to research from Forbes, over 80% of business executives still share a belief in the power of face-to-face meetings. While being mobile and web-based allows for people to engage with each other online, in-person or live conferences are a positive disruption to our usual routines.

We are pleased to offer your industry the benefit of connecting year around. Our online community here at Call Center IQ, provides day-to-day content, knowledge sharing and ideas. It presents a wealth of content through webinars, articles, unique research reports, white papers and even virtual events.
In addition, our live events provide impact on persuasion, leadership, engagement, inspiration and decision-making. They allow us to get out from behind our desks and go meet people who have different viewpoints, experiences and areas of expertise. It allows us to meet new people, hear new voices and have serendipitous moments by connecting with purpose. Download your copy today.