It’s No Game: Gamification Is Transforming the Call Center

Gamification is about engagement. Engagement builds lasting relationships, helps achieve key business objectives, and drives business value.

When employees are motivated to participate and engage with customers—and each other—they not only become better workers, but are transformed into brand ambassadors to help you retain customers. It goes without saying that employee retention and satisfaction rise as well.

CITO Research has found that gamification can play a key role in increasing employee engagement, especially in call centers. To consistently drive employee engagement requires an incremental and systematic approach that provides data about progress and improvement. This is best achieved through adoption of a gamfication platform. According to Gartner, by 2014, 70% of the 2,000 largest global companies will use gamification for a least one aspect of their organizations.

Read this whitepaper to learn about gamification, its applications, and a case study on LiveOps, a cloud based call center company that transformed its virtual community of 20,000 call centers agents into a gamified social hub, using Bunchball’s Nitro Platform.