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What do Cabela's & Ashley Furniture have in common?

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You may have seen CCW's sparkling new Executive Report: Customer Experience, if you haven't please download your copy here.

While we were hard at work on the Executive Report, the two most recent interviews on the CCW podcast featured top level executives from Cabela's and Ashley's Home Furniture; each discussing how they each respectively look at customer experience.

Paul Stone, Cabela's Chief Retail Officer mentioned that he wants customers to know that "knowledge is power so the goal is to ensure that the customer knows that the most knowledge about an outdoor experience lives in-store" at his brand.

Gene Lunger, Ashley HomeStore EVP of Operations mentioned that it's "important to not only sell furniture but manufacture furniture in the United States of America." And that based on the brand manufacturing furniture, it can take advantage of "seamless and frictionless customer experience" offered by a certain partner that's newly in the grocery game.

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