Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action

By Jeanne Bliss

Discover What Effect The Organization Is Having on Customers, and Then Do Something about It!

You need to understand what drives the organization, how you work together and how readily you can come together to solve the tough customer issue. You need to know if your metrics and accountability line up to mean anything significant about managing customer relationships. The answer to your situation may be naming a Chief Customer Officer, or it may not.

This book will help you discover what the right answer is for your organization.

It will lead you through four categories of information and decision making:

Why Have Customer Efforts Crashed and Burned?
Where is the organization predisposed to perform?
What is your company’s Power Core?
How is it directing company priorities, and competencies?
What impact do company actions have on customers?

Are You Wrestling with Customer Leadership?
What role does leadership have in driving the customer agenda?
Are they leading it, hindering it, or on the sidelines?
How are your metrics impacting customers?
Is there customer accountability expected by leadership?

How Are You Performing Today?
What is the series of actions you should be taking?
How many of them are you doing now?
Is there a difference between leaders’ and company members’ belief of what is getting done?

Is a Chief Customer Officer the Solution?
Will a Chief Customer Officer advance the action for you?
Do leaders advocate and support the role?
Where should the CCO report and do to drive the action?

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