Six Rules For Brand Revitilization: Learn How Companies Like McDonalds's Can Re-Energize Their Brands

By Larry Light and Joan Kiddon

In Six Rules for Brand Revitalization: Learn How Companies Like McDonald's Can Re-Energize Their Brands, McDonald’s former CMO at the time of the turnaround, Larry Light and Joan Kiddon, a key McDonald’s consultant during its revitalization introduces a six-step blueprint for revitalizing any brand.

Brands do not die natural deaths. They die through mismanagement. Based on working with a wide variety of businesses over the years, Light and Kiddon have developed principles for revitalizing tired brands. These principles apply to services, industrial products, consumer products, durable goods, B2B, technology. These brand principles were applied to the revitalization of McDonald's. The remarkable turnaround of McDonald's is a real-world demonstration that these principles work. Light reveals exactly how McDonald's did it with a complete case study in their upcoming book. Whether it's a new or a more seasoned "senior" brand, Six Rules for Brand Revitalization will help to strengthen it.

The Six Rules for Brand Revitalization will enable marketers to:

  1. Refocus Their Entire Organization
  2. Restore Their Brand’s Relevance
  3. Reinvent Their Brand Experience
  4. Reinforce an End-to-End "Results Culture"
  5. Rebuild Brand Trust
  6. Realize Global Alignment

In Six Rules for Brand Revitalization, Light also exposes branding myths that actually limit brands and offers up insights and tips to help marketers reinvigorate their brands, or keep a still strong brand from losing its relevance and value. The book will enable marketers to create a "plan to win," align their entire organization behind it and execute!