Driving Customer Management Efficiency Amid Social Media Uncertainty

Posted: 04/28/2011

Strategies for forecasting call center volume have become a paramount component of customer management, but as you pursue an expert handling of customer service issues in the vastly unpredictably and boundlessly expanding realm of social media, an evolved approach is required. In addition to the challenge of assuring staff and resources are aligned with anticipated workflow, customer management executives must also assure their teams are constantly prepared to best convey the company culture in all customer interactions. This session will prepare you to forecast the volume—and format—of all customer engagements in order to preserve the value of your social media effort.

  • Model for forecasting customer complaints across the multitude of social networks to assure appropriate responses can be formulated
  • Identify strategies for recognizing, and pre-empting, potentially viral customer discussions to avoid getting on the defensive
  • Implement best practices for cost management, minimizing the burden of unexpected surges in customer engagements