Engaging Children With Digital Technology: Preparing for Changes to COPPA

Posted: 10/17/2011

The United States Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it will begin enforcing changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). While the intention of these changes will be to increase the privacy and protection measures for children using all online and digital communications technology – the changes are set to impact upon all industries engaging children. These significant regulatory changes to COPPA are placing the best interests of children first, however, marketing, media and education professionals around the world need to remain fully aware of their increasing liability - particularly when engaging children in the burgeoning digital world. In this opening session, learn how to protect your organization, and its associated partners, from undue liability and breach of COPPA:

  • Learn about the extent of recent changes to COPPA and how it will affect you
  • How to achieve the highest level of COPPA regulatory compliance and certification
  • Promoting compliance with COPPA to demonstrate responsibility with parents and guardians
  • Why changes to COPPA will impact upon your entire child marketing and media strategy