Engaging Children With Social Media, Online Games, MMO & Virtual Worlds

Posted: 10/17/2011

Online and virtual worlds are becoming the increasingly preferred media platform of choice for children around the world. But as far as any parent or guardian is concerned, it is also the most dangerous media platform, too. As a result, positioning your organization’s brand through online and digital channels can often face strong resistance from the discerning eye of web weary parents. In this session, learn from industry best practice on how to achieve a safe, secure and strong digital brand strategy, which places the children, and parents’ best interests first:

  • How to convince parents, guardians and schools that your digital and online platforms are safe and trustworthy
  • Why apps are becoming more popular – and how your organization can make them safe for kids
  • Identifying good moderating technology, metrics and best practice
  • Protecting users from anti-social behavior, bullying and ‘online grooming’
  • Ensuring safeguards are in place to prevent irresponsible monetization: in game purchasing and un-authorized transactions