The Contrarian’s Perspective – Social Media Cannot Monopolize Your Customer Management Strategy

Posted: 05/03/2011

One cannot dismiss the importance of social media without coming across as out of touch, but as one evaluates the true potential for value in an expansive social CRM strategy, he is certainly free to question its status as a customer management priority. So many executives are eyeing social media as an end-all, be-all customer service revolution, but the reality might not be clear for your organization. Our alternative perspective questions the impact a limited social CRM strategy can have on the bottom line and instead points to bigger picture operational challenges that are potentially more pivotal to your customer management excellence.

  • Retool call center training and onboarding to better embed the corporate culture and philosophy into all representatives
  • Improve workflow processes to increase opportunities for collaboration and minimize response time
  • Increase transparency between the customer service team and other business units to improve product understanding and spur better customer communication