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Vendor Profile: VHT’s Mindful Platform Revolutionizes Talk And Text

Matt Wujciak



In the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer behavior, today's customers want autonomy when it comes to communication. For 89% of customers, that means texting instead of calling brands. It also involves using self-service, rather than agent support, whenever possible.

With customers demanding instant, personal experiences in their preferred channels, contact centers need to adapt. They need to meet the consumer at any digital touchpoint along the journey map, rather than forcing customers into certain channels. This is why VHT invented the Mindful platform.


Mindful Platform

VHT’s Mindful platform utilizes talk and text to align customer and business contact preferences.

By supporting digital channels, offering insight through analytics measurement, and leveraging automation, Mindful enables more successful relationships between customers and brands, improving CSAT scores in the contact center. 

“When we first developed and introduced callback and Virtual Hold we gave people this opportunity to time shift their on-hold time to being untethered from their wall phone. Being able to communicate with a brand through texting is an extension of that same time shift, that same philosophy that inspired Virtual Hold.  Texting allows both the caller and the agent in a call center to time shift and have a persistent, asynchronous conversation that keeps the customer’s context intact. Callback allows a customer to get their hold time back until an agent is ready to talk to them.” -VHT

When customers want to contact a brand, the first place they go to find a phone number is the brand's website or mobile app.

The "digital" capability of Mindful allows customers to request a callback by clicking a link rather than making a call. This keeps customers from having to shift channels, dial phone numbers or wait through voice prompts of an IVR. 

After requesting a callback, a customer receives a text confirming the callback time and the business identity. Eventually, businesses can progress to offering two-way texting to customers to satisfy that 89% who want to text with a business rather than call.

Businesses think in terms of the best conversation channels for today’s customers. Customers think in terms of conversations continuing when and where they are. Those “best conversation channels” for a single customer can change within the same day.

Where VHT excels is putting customer success first regardless of channel. We don’t need to declare that “voice is dead,” or hold other positions that center on any particular channel or method. We get to be agnostic and adaptable. We focus on the interaction and what’s the best mix for each client. Mindful adapts with the shifting needs of our clients rather than requiring a sudden turn to a new channel. - VHT

About VHTpicture9_2

For over two decades, VHT has been the world’s #1 provider of callback software and services, enabling over 300 of the world’s leading companies to improve their customer experience metrics, save money on customer interactions, and grow their reach to new customers.

In 1995, VHT formally developed the “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach. They patented the idea and coined the term “virtual queuing.” Only VHT Callback saved the caller’s place in line and called them back when it was their turn, maintaining full routing integrity.

Today, the industry has expanded, technology has advanced, and they have transformed from a callback company into a company focused on improving customer success. In 2018, VHT transformed the name Virtual Hold Technology into simply VHT. They have advanced their platform, Mindful, to be a subscription-based Software and a Service (SaaS).

Client Success

1) VHT had great success with a Fortune 50 Cable provider. This experience demonstrated how important the omnipresent approach is to customers. More than 40% of the callbacks we scheduled for them came from a digital channel (website or app). This means that customers avoided the IVR and instead just received a call based on their digital request.

2) Working with a leading insurance provider, we extended VHT’s capabilities into their retail spaces to allow their customers to schedule a time for a callback to guide them through their on boarding process for smartphone setup. This allows them to offer more predictable appointment times to increase customer satisfaction and manage their staffing for the best efficiency and effectiveness. And, we’ve seen the boost to their NPS as evidence.