New CCW Digital Special Report Says Biometrics Improves CX and Stops Fraud in the Contact Center

Brian Cantor



Sept. 24, 2018, New York, NY – Contact centers are under siege from fraudsters. While there is no fighting that reality, a new advisory report reveals how businesses can bolster the authentication process for legitimate customers while simultaneously avoiding falling victim to malicious activity.

Published by CCW Digital in partnership with Nuance Communications, Inc., the Special Report on Contact Center Security, Authentication & Fraud Prevention details the visions, strategies, processes and technologies that eliminate vulnerabilities inside – and out of – the customer contact center. Contact center and fraud leaders can download the report here.

In addition to preventing the financial and reputational harms of fraud, the report reveals why enhanced authentication and fraud prevention efforts improve efficiency, boost agent happiness, increase customer satisfaction and create a competitive advantage.

Providing contact centers with additional insights, CCW Digital and Nuance also offer a two-part webinar series providing deep dives in authentication and fraud prevention. They are available here.  

“Some contact center leaders patently underestimate the severity of the fraud threat, which is obviously troubling,” says Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst, CCW Digital.  “Awareness is not, however, the only issue facing today’s businesses. Organizations often fear that heightened fraud prevention efforts will increase effort and frustration for customers and employees. This report debunks that myth, revealing that the most effective authentication and fraud prevention initiatives are also quite customer-centric.”

Biometrics is recommended by industry experts because it provides heightened security while reducing friction. 

“What we’ve found with our clients is that customers and agents embrace voice biometrics technology for two reasons,” adds Brett Beranek, General Manager of the Security Business for Nuance Enterprise Division.  “In many cases, it eliminates the need for security interrogation, significantly improving the quality and length of the interaction. This, in turn, allows agents to more effectively engage and support customers – creating loyalty and revenue opportunities.”

Along with exclusive research and analysis from Cantor and Nuance, the Special Report explores the real-world results that financial services, wireless communications and other companies have achieved by deploying biometrics.

Available as a complimentary download, the report is part of CCW Digital’s bi-weekly Special Report series. Spanning topics like customer experience automation, contact center outsourcing, real-time analytics and customer journey mapping, the report series has informed over 15,000 professionals since its launch last year.

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